All potential conflicts of interest that could inappropriately influence or bias the manuscript must be disclosed. For example, financial interests (e.g., employment, honoraria, and grants) and non-financial interests (e.g., professional relationships, affiliations, and personal beliefs). Authors should avoid sponsors that interfere with data access, analysis and interpretation, as well as preparation and publication of the manuscripts independently.

In the first two years of this journal’s publication, the number of articles submitted might fall below that needed to issue an edition of the journal. For this reason, editors are invited to publish their work (research, review, and commentary articles) in this journal, either individually or collaboratively with other author(s). All efforts will be made to minimize bias and conflict of interest, as well as to maintain transparency, fairness, and rigorousness in the peer review processes. The manuscript will be handled by another editor, who is not an author of the manuscript, and will be peer-reviewed independently. Editors publishing their work in this journal must declare their conflict of interest explicitly.