Editorials are introductions to the current issue from the editors or a discussion of an important issue or policy, about 1,500 words maximum.


Original Research

Research articles are full-length scientific publications based on results of an original study performed by the authors, appropriate methodology and adequate data, supported by comprehensive discussion and clear conclusion, about 12,500 words maximum. 



Reviews are comprehensive discussions, evaluations and or summaries of scientific literature on a certain field or topic, providing a perspective on the state of the field or the topic and where it should be heading, about 5,000 - 10,000 words.



Perspectives are scientific communication piece of writing (about 2,000 words minimum) framed as critiques, trends or policy articles. 

  • Critiques are pieces of writing that critically evaluate, analyse, and discuss previous publications in this journal or other high-impact journals.
  • Trends are publications analysing empirical phenomena, practices, and issues, new key ideas, and recent developments related to sustainability that need to be addressed by future studies.
  • Policy articles are evaluation, analysis, and discussion of contemporary policy issues related to sustainability that stimulate policy debates and contribution among academicians, practitioners, and policymakers.